FileMoVer released

FileMoVer LogoDo you spent hours and hours to sort your digital images from your camera?
Are they all stored in one single huge directory?
Want to sort them, based on the day they were taken?

Then you need this little program!
It sorts your jpg-images based on the date they were taken (and a few other sortrules – by month or alphabetically).
I use exif information in jpg files to do this.

Select the source directory and the output directory. Then select the way you want your images to be sorted. You can also control the name of your output (you can format the date that is used as the name of the directory).

You can also use this to sort other files – of any type – but only jpg-files will use the exif information to get to the creation date of the image. Other types just use the creation date of the file itself.

Thanks to Stan Wydooghe who came up with the idea.


FileMoVer 1.0.0

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